Computer Science at Tawa College


In DITCS101 you will learn programming languages such as Python, CSS3, HTML5 and Scratch; you will also learn to use Webflow to design your website without any coding. You will be tested on these programming languages by means of doing various assessments like using Python to construct a basic computer program for a specified task and using Notepad++ to make a prototype (like a website) to address a brief.


In DITCS201 your knowledge of programming languages like Python, CSS3 and HTML5 will be expanded and you will be taught new techniques and features that you will be utilising in various assessments. You will also be taught PHP which is a server-side scripting language designed for web development and also MYSQL which is the world's second most used relational database management system.


In DITCS301, your knowledge of Python, CSS3, HTML5, PHP and MYSQL will be further expanded for you to use in various assessments as well as learning JQUERY to create animations for websites.

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